As of March 16, 2017, renewals have been mailed to all those that had a site in 2016 and who we had a proper mailing address for, divided by section as follows:

  • Family 1 – mailed February 15
  • Family 2 – mailed February 23
  • Adult 3 – mailed March 10
  • Adult 4 – mailed March 16

If you have not received your renewal offer by March 27 please email including the name the 2016 site was registered in, the site number if you have it, and your full proper mailing address.

It will be early April before we process any renewals and charge your credit card – then you will be mailed a confirmation letter – new for 2017 to streamline the check-in process in July.

The renewal deadline is March 30 for the Family sections and April 7 for the Adult sections.

New Site Reservations

If you did not have a site in 2016 and would like one this year please email your request to including your RV type and size, your mailing address, and if you are looking for a site in the Adult section or the Family section.

All new site requests will be added to our wait list which we will process once the renewals are finished, estimated to be late April/early May.

We do our very best to fill all requests but please be patient; the more ‘just checking’ emails we get the longer the process will take for everyone.


Advance reservations are required for all overnight parking at Riverside International Speedway from July 8, 2017 until July 16, 2017. A permit will be issued upon check-in to be clearly displayed at all times during your stay. More information on our camping policies is here.