Riverside International Speedway (RIS) is committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and memorable experience for our guests. We have established camping terms of use so that there is a clear understanding by those who use our property for overnight stays of what is acceptable, and what is not. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

The following terms of use are governed by track officials, law enforcement, and government regulatory bodies and are subject to change without notice. RIS reserves the right to amend or implement terms at any time. Failure to comply may result in legal penalties, ejection from the premises, forfeiture of fees, and being denied future access. RIS is not responsible for personal injuries or damage and/or loss to/of vehicles, RV’s, tents, or other personal property on RIS grounds; use at your own risk. By using an RV or tent on RIS property you acknowledge you have read and understood these terms and are in agreement with same.

Reservations for 2021 IWK 250 Campsites are pending until we have more direction from Public Health in regard to Covid-19 protocols for the camping sections. Thanks for your patience.

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  • Self-contained RVs only; no services.
  • Each RV must have a fire extinguisher present and fully charged.
  • RVs must have RV liability insurance (minimum $500,000 coverage per occurrence); proof may be requested.
  • All RVs/tents must be parked in designated camping areas.
  • All RVs must be parked so they have unencumbered access to fire lanes at all times; couplers for towable units must be facing the fire lane.
  • The speed limit is 8 kph/5 mph; no motorized traffic between midnight and 8 a.m.
  • Onboard tank outlets must be closed at all times.
  • Please keep your site clean from garbage throughout your stay (among other things, so as not to attract wildlife); please take your garbage with you.
  • No parking before 48-hours prior to or 24-hours after an event.
  • Access roads must be open at all times.
  • Consumption of alcohol in any public space other than your campsite is strictly prohibited
  • Small campfires (max 30″) permitted in sections unless local fire bans are in effect. Security personnel may decide if a fire is safe, or not, and to extinguish if necessary. You must have a working fire extinguisher at your campfire. The fire must at least 15′ from any structure and supervised by an adult, and it must be fully extinguished before leaving it unattended. Please burn firewood only; no garbage, pallets, skids, crates or anything that contains nails.
  • No fireworks or any such pyro/explosives.
  • No drones.
  • Generators should not be started until 7 a.m.; extra fuel in approved containers and stored safely.
  • Quiet time is 11 p.m. in the family sections (P1, 2) and 1 a.m. in the adult sections (P3,4,5).
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times – current vaccinations required (proof may be requested). Aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. Please clean up after your pet.
  • No vending/fundraising on RIS property without permission.
  • If you have an issue with a fellow camper that is contradictory to these guidelines please report it to track personnel at the main gate.
  • If you need to call 911 the address is 101 Beaver Mountain Road, James River, Nova Scotia.
  • Camping terms will be strictly enforced and are subject to change at all times.


  • Advance reservation required; no drive-ups.
  • Identification (government-issued ID) will be required at check-in; ID must match the name the reservation is in.
  • The person whose name is on the reservation is responsible for all activity on the site.
  • If you are not using a site you reserved and someone else is, you need to complete a transfer request at least 14 days prior to the event.
  • Sites reserved but not used will not be available for renewal the next year.
  • Sites must be used for RVs, i.e. not for tents, extra parking, haulers, etc.
  • Permit issued at check-in must be clearly displayed at all times.
  • One RV per site plus one vehicle if used to tow RV or if towed by RV; visitors must park in the spectator parking lots (no access to camping area without a permit).
  • RVs must be parked parallel to lines.


  • If you are unable to use your site this year but would like to renew it next year you can transfer the site back to us for one year.
  • If we resell the site for use this year in your absence you will receive a refund as follows:
    • 100% if transfer is submitted at least four weeks prior to the event
    • 75% if transfer submitted at least three weeks prior to the event
    • 50% if transfer submitted at least two weeks prior to the event
  • The deadline to transfer a site and still have the renewal option for 2022 is seven days prior to the event.
  • If you select ‘Refund’ on the following form the site goes back into inventory and your future reservations will be treated as new.
  • If the site is not registered this year and you have not transferred the site it will not be available for renewal in 2022.

These measures are necessary due to the increasingly large number of sites reserved and not used while we turn RV users away that would like to attend the IWK 250. The sites are intended for RV use only. Due to COVID-19 protocols, visitors to the camping areas are discouraged.

The deadline for refunds is 14 days prior to the event; refunds will be issued as follows: If 'Refund" is selected, 100%; If 'Transfer' is selected: 100% if submitted at least four weeks prior to the event; 75% if submitted at least three weeks prior to the event; 50% if submitted at least two weeks prior to the event; no refunds for transfers submitted after that; sites not transferred by 14 days prior to the event will not be eligible for renewal in 2022.
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