IWK 250 Competitor Info / Sportsman & Legends

IWK 250 Competitor Info | Sportsman & Legends

NAPA Auto Parts / Henry’s AUTOPRO 100 Expected Entry List*

  1. (0) Frank Fraser, Shubenacadie, NS
  2. (2) Corey Breen, Antigonish, NS
  3. (5) Richard Salter, Bedford, NS
  4. (6) tba
  5. (8) Chris Reid, Fort McMurray, AB
  6. (9) Dan Delorey, Antigonish, NS
  7. (10) Brady Creamer, Miramichi, NB
  8. (13) Brad DeCoste, Antigonish, NS
  9. (14) Russell Smith, Lakeside, NS
  10. (17) Colby Smith, McGrey, NS
  11. (18) Harry Ross White, Kennetcook, NS
  12. (21) Shawn Pierce, Newcombville, NS
  13. (23) Shawn Waterfield, Sydney, NS
  14. (24) Adam Carter, Elmsdale, NS
  15. (29) Darren Price, Main-A-Dieu, NS
  16. (31) Jesse Deveau, Greenwood, NS
  17. (31) Lynden MacDougall, Sydney, NS
  18. (42) Ronnie macKay, Sydney, NS
  19. (51) Dylan Dowe, Bedford, NS
  20. (53) Steve MacPhee, Yarmouth, NS
  21. (55) Dale Richardson, Stellarton, NS
  22. (65) Brandon Carter, Monteagle, NB
  23. (68) Trevor King, Port hastigs, NS
  24. (78) Dennis Nickerson, Marshy Hope, NB
  25. (82) Ken Magliaro, Sydney, NS
  26. (85) Kenny Mackenzie, Salisbury West, NB
  27. (87) Kevin Morse, Antigonish, NS
  28. (92) Pete Miller, East Gore, NS
  29. (94) Deven Smith, Halifax, NS
  30. (99) Phillip Barkhouse, Beaverbank, NS
  31. (tba) Jeffrey Breen, Antigonish, NS

*Based on registrations received and subject to change without notice.

Redline Sports 50 Expected Entry List*

  1. (00) Caden Tufts, Halifax, NS
  2. (03) Colton Noble, Nine Mile River, NS
  3. (07) Kelsey Hann, New Glasgow, NS
  4. (08) Cory Hall, Pictou, NS
  5. (0) Tanton Wooldridge, Summerside, PE
  6. (3) Morgan Oates, Carbonear, NL
  7. (14) Brayden Wadden, Hamonds Plains, NS
  8. (18) Josh Langille, Coldbrook, NS
  9. (19) Nathan Langille, Coldbrook, NS
  10. (20) Devin Wadden, Hammonds Plains, NS
  11. (23) Teagan Dempsey, Fredericton, NB
  12. (25) Gage Gilby, Enfield, NS
  13. (44) Nathan Blackburn, Timberlea, NS
  14. (46) Randy Stoddard, Barrington, NS
  15. (66) Owen Mahar, Hubley, NS
  16. (66m) Daryl Mahar, Hubley, NS
  17. (68) Michael Cormier, Grand-Barachois, NB
  18. (73) Brad Wadden, Hammonds Plains, NS
  19. (77) Jody Fraser, Tangier, NS
  20. (81) Nate Singer, Kennetcook, NS
  21. (87) Danny Chisholm, Port Williams, NS

*Based on registrations received and subject to change without notice.

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Weekend pit pass includes admission to Tailgate Party on July 18, plus pit admission July 19 & 20; eWaiver required and release must be signed at the gate by each person entering pit area. HST included.
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Entry & Advertising Release

By submitting this form it is understood and agreed by the applicant that the driver's name and likeness may be used by Riverside International Speedway (hereafter referred to as 'RIS') to promote this event. RIS reserves the right to decline entry of any participant for safety or other reasons. The applicant also understands and agrees that all decisions made by RIS or designated representatives shall be final and without recourse. In the event that the applicant is disqualified as a result of racing efforts, it shall be without restitution of any part of the fee paid in connection with this entry and further, the applicant waives any and all rights or claims to any purse or bonus money. The applicant further waives any and all rights for themselves, their agents and assigns, to institute any action, suits or proceeding, whether at law, or any other action against RIS and its officers, directors, agents and employees for any and all, manner or action and actions, cause and causes of actions, suits, damages, and claims that the applicant and their heirs, successors, assigns may have not, or at any time in the future may have, arising in any manner of RIS promoted events. The applicant understands and agrees that this release constitutes a waiver of any and all claims for personal injury, breach of contract, and any other loss of damage except as expressly provided herein. Furthermore, the applicant acknowledges the support of racing fans, sponsors, the media, and the Promoter and agree they will compete on a best effort basis; and agree to notify RIS if they will not be competing in this event, realizing time is of the essence in this matter.


herein known as the 'applicant'; must be the driver or an authorized legal representative

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