902-863-2410 (mid-May to mid-Sept)

Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Toromont Cat 150Sep 26

Event Hotline

Time Trials start at n/a
Racing starts at 2:30 p.m.



COVID-19 Protocol

The following outlines key measures Riverside International Speedway is taking for 2020 in consideration of COVID-19. While these measures will help keep our guests (spectators and race teams) protected from COVID-19, the ultimate responsibility is on each guest to make smart, safe, and healthy decisions in planning to attend and while at our events.

Venue Capacity

  • The grandstand area will be divided into five separate zones of 250 people each (less than 20% capacity).
  • Each zone will have its own entry/exit, washrooms, and seating.
  • Indoor public areas will be restricted to a limited number of people at one time.
  • Guests must remain in the zone they are ticketed for.

Guest Criteria

You MUST NOT attend if you…

  • Are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Have been diagnosed with or exposed to someone diagnosed with or exposed to COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to the event.
  • Have travelled outside the Atlantic Bubble within the 14 days prior.
  • Have been advised by the public health authorities, or are required to self-isolate, in the 14 days prior to the event.
  • Guests will be required to make the above declarations at time of ticket purchase.

You SHOULD NOT attend if you…

  • Are at high-risk for severe health issues.

Anyone not adhering to COVID-19 protocols and policies will be asked to leave.

Guest Screening

  • Guests are required to acknowledge and agree to COVID-19 protocols and public health requirements.

COVID-19 Prevention Supplies

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at numerous locations throughout the facility
  • Guests should bring their own face masks and personal COVID-19 prevention supplies


  • Admission tickets will be sold in advance online; ticket delivery will be digital.
  • Please keep your eTicket with you at all times while on-site.
  • Contact information will be collected in case tracing is necessary by Public Health.

Seating, Bench Seats (All General Admission)

  • Rows available for seating, to allow distancing, will be marked.
  • Pre-determined family and social groups of up to 10 people can sit together without having to maintain physical distance within their group.
  • Each group must be separated by at least two meters/six feet.
  • If you need to leave your seat during the event use the row ahead of or behind yours in order to maintain distance from others.
  • Re-entry is discouraged in order to keep guest movement to a minimum; please take everything you need for the show at the time of first entry.

Pit Area/Infield Access

  • Guest access to the pit area will be limited to race team members only.


  • Fans must maintain a minimum two meter/six foot distance at all times from anyone who is not in their close family or social group while on Riverside property; this includes the parking lot, to and through their dedicated zone entrance and exit, while seated, going to and from washrooms, and any line ups they may incur while on-site.

Face Masks (NOTE: Face Masks Covering the Nose and Mouth Are Mandatory in Indoor Public Spaces in Nova Scotia)

  • Guests are required to wear a face mask at all times except when seated with their personal group.
  • If you cannot wear a mask for medical reasons you will need to submit an official letter from your doctor in advance, for approval.


  • During the event, re-entry will be permitted until 30 laps remain in the feature race; after that there will be no re-entry.
  • Guests who exit prior to the conclusion of the event should exit in an orderly fashion, and properly distanced.
  • At the conclusion of the event guests must exit as directed by staff, maintaining two-meter distance from others.

Handicap/ Disability Access (Blue Zone)

  • The Barrier Free Viewing area is located in the Blue Zone.
  • A limited number of golf carts will be available in this zone only for those who need help getting to their seat; rides must wear face masks.


  • Canteens will be open with a new operator for 2020; details TBA.

Smoking – Purple Zone Only

  • There will be a designated area for smoking in the Purple Zone; no smoking in the grandstand.

Coolers/ Bags

  • No backpacks, coolers or cooler bags.
  • Food and/or non-alcoholic beverages can be carried in using a transparent bag measuring no larger than 36cm x 36cm (14″ x 14″).
  • All bags are subject to inspection at entry; the clear bag will allow contactless inspection.

Cleaning and Sanitation

  • Venue will be cleaned and sanitized regularly, frequently for high touch-point and traffic areas.

If You Become Unwell While On-Site

  • You should remain in your seat and call the number which will be advertised on race day; an attendant will come to you for assessment.

Zone Plan



Grandstand Area – All General Admission

Online ticket sales only, no phone orders.

  • Adult $25.00
  • Child (15 & under) $10.00

Pit Area – Restricted to Race Team Members Only

  • $30.00, race team members only
  • Restricted to those 18 and older
    • Exceptions for competitors ONLY
    • Minors entering the pits must comply with the Minor Pit Policy (requires proof of age and consent form, in advance)

 HST is included in admission.


Camping Protocol for Sept. 26, 2020

  • Camping sections open at 1 p.m. Friday, September 25
  • Self-contained RV’s only (no tents)
  • Must have a race ticket to park RV overnight on Riverside property
  • Must park in Family 1 or Family 2 with the front of RV pointed outward; no corralling
  • RVs must be parked a minimum of 12-feet from each other
  • Campers must…
    • Follow all Riverside COVID-19 restrictions and public health guidelines while on-site
    • Only share an RV with members of their pre-determined family or personal group
    • Remain at their campsite unless in transit to or from the grandstand or pit area
    • Maintain a minimum two-meter/six-foot distance at all times from anyone who is not in their close family or social group while on Riverside property; this includes the camping area, parking lot, to and through their dedicated zone entrance and exit, while seated, going to and from washrooms, and any line ups they may incur while on-site
  • If distance cannot be maintained, campers must wear a face mask if the people they are close to are not in their pre-determined group
  • No services; it is appreciated if campers take their garbage with them when they leave – eliminates container/bag handling by our staff

Schedule - Day 1

printable version at the top of this page
10:00 a.m.Pit Areas Open
Pro Stock Tech Opens
10:50 a.m.Open Back Gate
11:00 a.m.Sportsman Practice
11:10 a.m.Vintage Car Practice
11:20 a.m.Open Back Gate
11:30 a.m.Pro Stock Practice
12:00 p.m.Open Back Gate
Grandstand Opens
12:10 p.m.Sportsman Practice
12:20 p.m.Vintage Car Practice
12:30 p.m.Open Back Gate
12:35 p.m.Pro Stock Practice
1:00 p.m.Open Back Gate
1:05 p.m.Sportsman Practice
1:15 p.m.Vintage Car Practice
1:25 p.m.Open Back Gate
1:30 p.m.Pro Stock Practice
1:40 p.m.Track Closes
1:50 p.m.Drivers Meetings
2:30 p.m.Racing!
Sportsman Heats (10 laps)
Hot Rod Classics Heat (10 laps)
Pro Stock Heats (10 laps)
Sportsman Feature (1st 25)
Hot Rod Classics Feature (20 laps)
Sportsman Feature (2nd 25)
Driver Introductions
Toromont Cat 150
* Schedules are subject to change without notice

Event History

Past winners for this event include:

  • 2019: Cole Butcher, Porters Lake, NS
  • 2018: Dylan Blenkhorn, Truro, NS
  • 2017: Donald Chisholm, Antigonish, NS
  • 2016: Donald Chisholm, Antigonish, NS
  • 2015: Donald Chisholm, Antigonish, NS
  • 2014: John Flemming, Halifax, NS
  • 2013: Shawn Tucker, Fredericton, NB
  • 2012: Mike Stevens, Riverview, NB
  • 2011: George Koszkulics, New Glasgow, NS
  • 2010: Donald Chisholm. Antigonish, NS
  • 2009: Shawn Turple, Enfield, NS
  • 2008: Craig Slaunwhite, Terence Bay, NS
  • 2007: Wayne Smith, Halifax, NS
  • 2006: Wayne Smith, Halifax, NS
  • 2005: Rollie MacDonald, Pictou, NS
  • 2004: Shawn Tucker, Fredericton, NB
  • 2003: George Koszkulics, New Glasgow, NS
  • 2002: John Flemming, Halifax, NS
  • 2001: George Koszkulics, New Glasgow, NS
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