Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Riverside International Speedway (RIS) is committed to providing a safe, comfortable and memorable experience for our guests. To that end, we have established guidelines so that there is a clear understanding by those whose use our property for overnight stays of what is acceptable, and what is not. Thank-you in advance for your cooperation.

The following terms of use are governed by track officials, law enforcement, and government regulatory bodies and are subject to change without notice. RIS reserves the right to amend or implement terms at any time. Failure to comply may result in legal penalties, ejection from the premises, forfeiture of fees, and being denied future access. a PDF version of this document is available for review and/or download.

  • Additional rules are in effect for the IWK 250 event and cover the camping area seven days prior to the event until one day after. They are noted with red type.

RIS is not responsible for personal injuries or damage and/or loss to/of vehicles, RV’s, tents, or other personal property on RIS grounds; use at your own risk. Please familiarize yourself with this document in its entirety; camping on RIS property acknowledges your agreement.

Camping Guidelines


  • All RV’s must be self-contained; there are no serviced sites
  • Onboard tank outlets must be closed at all times; portable restrooms are available if needed
  • There is a ‘tent only’ area; if you do not have an RV please use this section


  • Leave your site as you found it, disposing of garbage in bins that are supplied
  • Sites are filled on a reserved basis in advance of the event – please visit the IWK 250 event page for camping permit applications
  • Permits are issued at check-in and must be clearly displayed at all times
  • The name on the permit is the person responsible for the site and anyone on it. If you are not using a site you booked it should be transferred to the occupant; please see camping area personnel for a new permit


  • RV’s must be parked in designated camping areas ONLY
  • RV’s must park on assigned site parallel to lines
  • Limit of one RV unit, one tent, and one passenger vehicle per campsite (must fit within your site)
  • The hitch couplers for towable trailers must point to fire lane with no exceptions
  • No parking in camping area other than RV’s with permits and the one vehicle allowed per RV permit

Respect Your Neighbours

  • Please respect quiet times; no excessive noise at any time
  • Tent and awning stakes must be marked
  • Campfires must be a minimum 10 feet from any vehicle or structure
  • Campfires are subject to weather conditions and restrictions that may be imposed
  • No fireworks, large bonfires
  • Consumption of alcohol in any public space other than your campsite is strictly prohibited (by law)
  • Offensive signs, drunkenness, profanity or activities that disturb other campers will not be tolerated
  • No unmanned aircraft (drones, etc.) over RIS property under any circumstances


  • Fire lanes must remain open at all times
  • No vending/fundraising without RIS vendor permit
  • Officers from the RCMP and Department of Natural Resources patrol the property and enforce laws as necessary

Motorized Vehicle Guidelines; please ensure compliance before planning to operate at RIS

We have had several meetings about the use of motorized vehicles such as ATV’s, RUV’s, golf carts, motorcycles (including dirt bikes and mini-bikes), etc. on Riverside International Speedway owned/managed property; as of July 1, 2018, revised guidelines will govern the use of such vehicles. In addition, there will be an increased RCMP presence on site patrolling the grounds to ensure compliance.

This applies to motorcycles, off-road vehicles, ATV’s, RUV’s, UTV’s, OHV’s and any other motorized vehicle being operated on RIS owned/managed property.

  • Speed: The speed limit is 5 mph
  • Hours of Operation: No motorized traffic between midnight and 8 a.m.
  • Helmets: With the exception of golf carts, drivers and passengers of all other OHV’s must wear a motorized vehicle helmet that meets one of these standards: DOT, SNELL, BSI, CSA.
  • License: The driver of any motorized vehicle must have a valid driver’s license; if not, and the provincial laws for the type of vehicle allows for it a valid safety course certificate is required and may be requested. If you supervise a child or youth as a parent or guardian, you must both have a safety training course for the appropriate vehicle.
  • Registration: With the exception of golf carts, you must have a registration plate clearly visible on the back, clean and displayed horizontally. If you are a dealer, you must display a dealer permit and plate on any vehicles being operated on RIS property.
  • Liability Insurance: By law, you must carry at least $500,000.00 in coverage if you drive on land that does NOT belong to you or members of your family. You must have liability insurance for every OHV operated on RIS owned/managed property and your insurance must cover third-party liability. You and your passenger/s assume all risks that relate to owning and driving the OHV on RIS owned/managed property.
  • Impaired Driving: The same laws apply to RIS property as driving on the street; PLEASE have a designated driver if you plan to consume alcohol.


Dog/Pet Guidelines

  • Owners must clean up after their pets
  • Must be controlled and on a leash at all times (no free run)
  • Aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated
  • Must be current with vaccines/shots; proof may be requested

Emergency Information

  • If you need to call 911 the RIS address is 101 Beaver Mountain Road, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia
  • Otherwise, please contact track or security personnel

Campground Services – IWK 250 Weekend

For your convenience, these pay-per-use services are available during the IWK 250 weekend (no services otherwise)…

  • Ice Service – bagged ice – roaming vendor
  • RV Pumping Service – roaming vendor

Code of Conduct – Applies to Campground and Track/Grandstand Area

Please refrain from the following…

  • Behaviour that is unruly, disruptive, or illegal
  • Impairment, through alcohol or other means
  • Foul, abusive or obscene language, gestures, acts, signs, music, or clothing
  • Verbal or physical harassment of other guests
  • Throwing of any objects on the racing surface
  • Fighting, taunting, or threatening remarks or gestures
  • Failing to follow the instruction so RIS staff or security personnel

Guests are responsible for their conduct as well as the conduct of their guests while at RIS. Guests who violate these provisions may be subject to ejection without refund and/or possible loss of ticket and/or camping privileges for future events and/or arrest.

Camping policies are subject to change without notice.